Sub-Ohming Without Stress: The Kanger KBox

If you are the type that wants a solid, no-frills box mod that’s easy to use and rugged as Momma’s Shepherd’s Pie, the Kanger KBox will hit the NEK Vape Trailer next week. As I said in my last post, I obtained one of the first of these available in the US a few weeks ago, and I’ve been putting it through the paces. I like it a lot, and it doesn’t cost much.

The KBox is simple to use. It features a tough cast-aluminum body, a nice, smooth fire button, and a single button to control the power settings. It may be a subjective thing, but the KBox feels nice in my hand. It’s simple and clean looking, without any head-banger engraved rats and skulls. Some of the vaping world should take a design clue from it. No more rats and skulls, folks! It has only seven settings, from 8 watts to 40, actuated from a single button. The fire button is silky smooth. The KBox has no USB port, so you’ll need a charger. It uses 18650 batteries, so you’ll need at least one of those. I suggest two. You might think this would be limiting. I haven’t found it to be.

The nice thing about a mod that takes replaceable batteries is — well DUH — you can replace the batteries. Think of it as future-proofing. A device that has internal batteries is eventually going to wear those batteries out. Right now, there’s no way to replace the cells in most devices when they are soldered in. The KBox has a threaded cap where it takes all of thirty seconds to pop out an old battery and slip in a fresh one.

Micro USB ports are one of my pet peeves. For a device that sits in someone’s pocket, those little slots are traps for every little bit of grit, grime, and pocket lint. Those itty-bitty wires sometimes won’t take a lot of abuse before — BANG! — the device refuses to take a charge.

As we say up in the Kingdom, “It can’t break if it isn’t there.”

Only seven wattage settings? But the super duper mod I’ve been looking lets me adjust things in a tenth of a watt! OK, can you notice a tenth of a watt? I’m not that subtle. Here’s what I’ve found. On old-school single-coil tanks, the first setting at 8 watts is sweet. I slapped my old Kanger Protank 2 on this puppy, and had a very pleasant vape with some delicately-flavored juice. I used an old-school 1.8 ohm Kanger single coil. Was I chucking clouds? No. Was the vapor white hot? No. The flavor was pretty good, though. I also tried it on a Joyetech Delta 16 tank. where it worked equally well. If I was on a road-trip where I wanted long battery life and not to go through a gallon of juice, I’d put on one of the small tanks. The battery would last all day, and I’d be able to see out the windshield.

The second setting at 13 watts works well with dual-coil pre-built set-ups.

The next five settings are from 20 to 40 watts in five watt steps. I’ve slapped a range of tanks on this, from a Kayfun to a Russian 91% as well as four different dripping tanks. My builds were all 24 gauge Kanthal wire wicked with organic cotton, and ranged from a somewhat psycho (for me) .3 ohm dual-coil build to a .9 single in my new favorite dripper, a genuine Sub Ohm Innovations Big Dripper. Gotta get some of those into the Vape Trailer. The Big Dripper put me in my happy place with a tank full of NEKVapor Horchata at only 20 watts. I vape for flavor, not clouds, and I could taste every bit of that creamy, spicy goodness. I favor my vapes on the cool side, without a lot of throat hit.

With a .3 ohm dual-coil build on my tiny, simple Igo T titanium dripping atty, the KBox about ripped my face off at 30 watts with NEKVapor Root Beer. The root beer is a pretty intense flavor, and the KBox chucked a hot and heavy cloud of it. I had to switch to a longer, cooler drip tip to keep things under control. Comparing the KBox to several others in my quiver, I found that this mod hits as hard at five to ten watts lower than many. I’ve only had it up to max power once, for testing purposes.

The KBox fits the new Kanger Subtank like it was made for it. That’s because it was. I admit, I’ve not tested the Subtank, but everything I’ve read says it sets the bar high. The Subtank Mini will be in stock next week. That puppy has been wicked thin on the ground, but Dennis the Menace has been able to score a limited number of Subtank Minis through his highly classified international sources. Why the Mini? Well, as the Three Bears said, “The Subtank is too big. The Subtank Nano is too small, and doesn’t offer a rebuildable option. The Mini is Just Right.” The Vape Squad will be also testing the new Joyetech Delta II tank. From everything we’ve heard, the two are neck and neck. Some people like Coke, and others Pepsi. Dennis is a Joyetech supporter, while I prefer Kanger products.

Time to cut to a visual:

Looks like that.

Call your Mom. She’d like to hear from you, and she’s happy you kicked cigarettes. Vape Proudly.

Big Daddy R.









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