Sub-Ohming Without Stress

Many people began vaping on relatively simple, one button devices. I did. After 30 years of cigarettes, I bought a Joyetech 510 CC. I haven’t smoked since. However, I soon began looking for more vapor production and more flavor.

Flavor and vapor production come from two things: a properly built coil, and a lower electrical resistance. While the term “sub-ohm” is widely used, actually the range is from about 1.5 ohms resistance to around .2 ohms. This sounds complex, but it really isn’t. Think of resistance as a pipe that electricity flows through. The lower the resistance, the more electrical flow. A lower resistance means a bigger electrical “pipe.” Lower resistance coils heat up quicker, and produce larger quantities of vapor.

Not long ago, if you wanted to enter the mysterious world of sub-ohm vaping, you had two options. You could invest in mechanical mods, wire, an ohm-meter, and a raft of specialized tools and build your own coils. For people who enjoy tinkering, it’s fun. It’s a hobby that appeals to the type of person that used to but together electrical kits as a kid. It can also be risky. A badly built coil can ruin your device, your day, or worse. “Mech Mods” are great for the experienced user, but we’ve chosen to limit our selection to a few made by top manufacturers.

The other option was to buy a regulated box mod. Up to a short time ago, these were expensive. Many of them appealed to the geek side, with complicated menus that gave as much information (if you could access it) as a NASA computer. The up side was that a regulated mod has all sorts of safety features to protect itself– and you.

You still had to build your own coils.

Not any longer.

The Joyetech eGoOne has been very popular at NEK Vapor. As a matter of fact, it’s been so popular that it’s hard to keep in stock. It’s a sub-ohm device that uses one of two coils. The first is 1 ohm, and appeals to people that enjoy a more relaxed style of flavor-oriented vaping. The second is a .5 ohm coil, which will compete with all but the most hard-core “cloud chasers” out there. For my style of vaping, I find 1 ohm just right. I’ve tried the .5 ohm coil, and for me, it’s just too much. Dennis the Menace swears by the .5, however. The eGoOne is a really elegant device. It’s available in two sizes, one very compact design, and a slightly larger version with double the battery life. The coils are excellent, as they are made with organic cotton as a wick material which provides as good vapor and flavor as the best hand-built coils. Changing coils is as simple as unscrewing the old one and replacing it with a fresh coil.

As of this writing, the eGoOne doesn’t offer the option of user-made coils, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are in the pipe. For those of you who already own the own the excellent and rugged Joyetech eGrip, the rebuildable kit is in stock in Lyndonville. If you’re looking to change up your vaping experience for a small investment, the eGrip RBA kit is hard to beat. The eGrip is not truly a sub-ohm device, but comes close. The RBA kit turns your humble eGrip into a flavor and vapor chucking machine, and pre-made coils are available at a great price if you choose not to build your own.

Starting next week, NEK Vapor will be rolling out three — count ‘em — three regulated box mods, as well as some of the most popular sub-ohm tanks on the market today. Through an extensive process of highly-classified testing by the NEK Vape Squad late at night in the Vape Trailer, we’ve come up with three box mods that we feel are the best available. They all offer extensive safety features, and come from companies that stand behind their goods.

The first will appeal to the vaper that likes to keep things simple. This mod offers great value, rugged construction, and uncomplicated operation. I bought one of the first ones available in the US a few weeks ago, and wouldn’t part with it. It’s really good, and very affordable.

The second is also great value, and has monster battery life. It’s a little more complex to use than the first one, but is a lot easier (at least for me) than most cell phones. Again, the Vape Squad had our hands on one of the first ones to hit the US, and we’ve put it through the paces. If you’re somewhere where battery life is an issue, this is your mod of choice.

Some of our customers won’t stop at “enough.” For them, we’ll be offering one of the most over-the-top box mods that fit our standards of quality and customer support. You can vape on it. At 150 watts, you could probably jump start your car with it. We’re not particularly sure, but we think with a specialized coil build we were able communicate with the Mother Ship orbiting Pluto the other night. Three words on this: “Increase your medication.”

We’ll be looking at these one-by-one in the next few days. In the meantime, vape safe, be friendly, and stay warm. Spring is coming!

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