802 Vapor Custard Sunrise — A Premium E-Liquid at a Bargain Price

I confess, my first round of e-liquid were mostly tobacco flavors at 24 mg nicotine. I was in love with Space Jam’s Eclipse, and also 802 Vapor’s Green Mountain Boys. After 30 years as a tobacco addict, I wanted to taste tobacco. However, after my taste buds woke up again, I came to the conclusion that tobacco doesn’t actually taste that good. I still keep a few tobacco flavors on hand, because they are sometimes nice as a change-of-pace and go well with a glass of single-malt Scotch, but I can no longer consider them as an all day vape. I’m also down to 3-6 mg nicotine.

There are so many other flavors out there. Today, we’ll talk about custard/creamy flavors. In the past few days, I got to try several very pleasant ones. Dennis the Menace was able to secure a limited quantity of Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk, and more is on the way. Now, the Suicide Bunny MM is a great vape. Although the description says it’s a strawberry milk, it’s not all that fruity. It’s a smooth, rich and gentle cream, and can be a great all-day flavor, with a mild strawberry exhale.

Mother’s Milk

There are many other creams out there, from crème brûlée to yogurt. Many are OK, and a mere handful are great. Both D the Menace and Chad (NEK Vape Squad Provisional Wing wire-twister and Vape commissar) were raving about the newly-introduced 802 Custard Sunrise.

802 Vapor Custard Sunrise

First, I sampled it at the Vape Bar on a bog-standard tank and an eGo battery. Meh. I could vape it, but it didn’t really blow my thin hair back. However, I almost always carry a really sexy mini Nemisis copper mod with a UD IGO T dripper for sampling. Dennis hooked me up with a couple of drops of 0 nicotine Sunrise.

BOOM! Great googly-moogly, this is is one special vape. It’s just a simple egg custard (which I hope your Momma made for you as my Momma made for me, with fresh milk from our Gurnsey cows and eggs we raised on the farm), with just a hint of vanilla. Nothing overwhelming here, just a smooth, sensuous slide into creamy custard.

It’s also a great mixing juice. I have some juices that are tasty, but a little overwhelming by themselves. Adding a shot of custard smooths them out.

This is premium juice at a standard juice price, and it’s Vermont made in a blue glass bottle. Try it while it’s on sale during March.

Big Daddy R


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